Datels International  established in 1989 at Islamabad & registered with the Defence Production Division, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan. The company specializes in providing consultancy on marketing environments and commercial strategies to a number of foreign and local firms. The company provides advice concerning on-going projects, besides launching of new ventures. Datels International also facilitate to our Principals with logistics support, administrative and secretarial services.


Survey of the market, both military and civil spheres and identification of prospective customers and their needs.To generate interest for promotion of our products, we lobby and introduce the products on all levels to the Headquarters, Ministry of Defence, or the relevant authorities that influence ....


Provision of advice to our principals during the contract negotiations on the local laws, rules and regulations which control the negotiating environments and within which the customer must operate, including the freedom of manoeuvre available to the customer. This includes advice on project funding options.


Provide assistance in installation, maintenance and technical services to the principal throughout the warranty/guarantee period.Assist in all matters pertaining to L/C, Starting with opening of L/C, Extension, Replenishment, Modification and follow up with all concerned agencies.


Arranging hotel accommodation and transportation.Office facilities with necessary infrastructure. Provision of fixed and mobile communication.Facilitating journey, travel booking, seat reservations etc. Secretarial services which cover all sorts of clerical work.Warehouse facilities if you have to ..........

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