We Provide A Wide Range Of Services



Survey of the market, both military and civil spheres and identification of prospective customers and their needs.


To generate interest for promotion of our products, we lobby and introduce the products on all levels to the Headquarters, Ministry of Defence, or the relevant authorities that influence the preceding tiers.

Facilitate Presentations/Demonstrations

Arrange presentations/demonstrations for our principals with prospective customers.


Advise availability or otherwise of funds required for a project keeping in view the current economic and fiscal scenario.



Provision of advice to our principals during the contract negotiations on the local laws, rules and regulations which control the negotiating environments and within which the customer must operate, including the freedom of manoeuvre available to the customer. This includes advice on project funding options.


Provide advice to the negotiator keeping in view the various regulatory and financial constraints and compulsions of the customer.

Dealing with Agencies superior to Customer

Give advice to the Principal on negotiations with relevant authorities and Finance Division keeping in view their rules and procedures.

Contractual obligations  

Assist in preparation of contracts, which is a maze of intricate detail. Advice on contractual legal and financial clauses wherein, down payment, terms of payment, delivery schedule and bank guarantees are settled upon.


Provide assistance in installation, maintenance and technical services to the principal throughout the warranty/guarantee period.

Assist in all matters pertaining to L/C, Starting with opening of L/C, Extension, Replenishment, Modification and follow up with all concerned agencies.

Follow up proceedings with Controller Military Accounts or his counterpart in civil.

Pursue and expedite matters with the State Bank of Pakistan.

Assist and expedite the receipt of down payment.

Follow up the clearance of all invoices until the end of contract.

Track, follow-up and expedite cases of late payments by the customer.

Identification of current and future spare parts needs of the customer to ensure customer satisfaction during the operating life of the equipment.

Provision of assistance to expedite processing of spare support orders on both ends (the customer and the supplier).

Facilitate or arrange specialized training for customers’ personnel in selected areas.

Update and upgrade technical documents of the customer, in collaboration with our principals, during the operating equipment life.

Translation of all supporting documents in the required language.

Maintenance support during the life of equipment.


It entails facilities that you need while operating from a foreign country.

These include  :-

Arranging hotel accommodation and transportation.

Office facilities with necessary infrastructure.

Provision of fixed and mobile communication.

Facilitating journey, travel booking, seat reservations etc.

Secretarial services which cover all sorts of clerical work.

Warehouse facilities if you have to stock your products for exhibition or storage.

A regular update on Pakistan’s political, economic current  and future trends.

Security Assistance for Foreigners. 

(24 Hrs Armed Guards, Escort Services CCTV, Access Control System, Vehicle Tracking System & Infra Red Warning System)